I am delighted to welcome the lovely MX Nillan back to Kink of the Week again with a guest post about collars…


I love feeling pretty, but sadly I don’t really get to very often. I know a lot of it is an internalized, negative self-talk issue. After hearing so many toxic, sexist, queerphobic things for most of your life it’s really hard to unlearn those notions in a greater effort to love yourself.

Despite putting myself out there as a loud and proud nonbinary queer, I still haven’t really figured out the whole how to feel sexy and attractive thing. So, as harsh as it sounds, I mostly feel incapable of experiencing “pretty”.

Not with my body.

Not with how I carry my fat around my gut. Not with how much hair covers every part of me. Not with how broad these shoulders are or how chubby my tits are.

That is, not until I put my collar and ears on. With them it’s an ENTIRELY different story. That’s the power they hold for me.

Because now I’m pretty as fuck.

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