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Witches and Wizards

Molly wearing black witches hat

Kink of the Week Oct 16-31: Witches/Wizards

Yep, another one that you are probably questioning as to whether it is really a kink but we have done Vampires and Ghosts so Witches and Wizards surely deserve a turn especially as it is Halloween month.

So do you have a thing for witches and witchcraft? Is there something about the idea of them that just tickles your fancy? Maybe your love for them stems from a certain Harry Potter or maybe you passion for the magical pre-dates Hogwarts?

Maybe you identify as Wiccan/pagan and that informs your sexuality or relationships.

What it is about them that does it for you? Is it the magic, the mystic, the danger? Do you like your wizards and witches good or bad? Do you own a broomstick or have to always longed for a black cat by your side? Maybe that is all too myth based for you and prefer your witches to be more real, more authentic? What do those words even mean to you?

Or maybe the whole thing is just utterly ridiculous to you?

And finally this topics definitely lends itself to dirty filthy erotic fiction so if you have a story to tell then I definitely want to read it.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Witches and Wizards

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