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Kink of the Week Nov 1-16: Cum Tributes

For this topic I thought I would ask someone who I knew was really into this kink to write the introduction and so I am delighted to welcome Mx Nillin to this space to help inspire you all with this subject…. Oh and yes they also made the insanely sexy header image as a cum tribute to me! *grins.

Hey all! It’s your resident loud mouthed, queer as fuck, polyamorous andro-babe with the greatest girl cock around, here to tell you all about the new Kink of the Week; and it’s a personal favorite of mine!
Cum tributes, aka a “sop”, are a form of online sexual activity that involves one individual printing out a photograph of another person then masturbating and ejaculating onto it. This can be done by anybody, regardless of what genitalia they have, though the vast majority of content out there consists of cum tributes from people with a penis (which is a shame because some squirt tributes from people with a vagina exist too and are also great)!
Here’s the rub though: a lot of uninformed folks seem to think that they can print out any ol’ picture of any person (celebrities, facebook friends, coworkers, sex workers, etc.) and tribute them without their knowledge. This is NOT okay. In fact, it is unethical and could potentially be construed as a form of sexual harassment.
So, please talk to your partners, your lovers, your friends, or even your fellow sex blogging peers to seek out a CONSENTING individual open to you cumming or squirting all over a nude of. Should you not be able to find somebody who wants to participate, might I suggest being badass as fuck by cum tributing YOURSELF even!

To read more about doing cum tributes ethically, and see another example, please check out my Intro to Ethical Cum Tributes post.

PRO-TIP: Make sure to print your tribute image out full page on 8.5×11 paper so that it photographs well and use an image with more of the person in it vs. one with a lot of unused space (such as a distance shot of your partner on the beach) as you don’t want to be ejaculating on more scenery than individual.

ANOTHER PRO-TIP: Put your printed pictures in a protective plastic sleeve so that you can enjoy them over and over without ruing the paper and racking up those expensive ink cartridge costs.

LAST PRO-TIP, I SWEAR: As much as you try to aim, ejaculate doesn’t always do what you want. Toss a towel down on your bed or the floor or wherever you intend to do your tribute to keep clean-up to a minimum.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Cum Tributes

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