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Kink of the Week February 1-15: Cupping

“Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine. Its usage dates back to as far as 1,550 B.C.  Cups are applied onto the skin and a suction is created, pulling the skin up. It is meant to increase blood flow to certain areas to the body.” ~ Wikipedia

Cupping has a long and ancient history as a ‘medical’ therapy that has been associated with the treatment of all sorts of ailments but particularly respiratory conditions from the common cold to pneumonia. There is, of course no evidence that it does treat anything but cupping has become a form of sensation play that is very popular with those who enjoy marks on their body as part of their kink.

So what are your thoughts on this topic? Have you tried cupping? If so did you use the suction type ones or have you braved it and indulged in some fire cupping? How you discover this activity. Are you the one having the cups applied to or are you the one doing the applying? Do you own a set of cups? Maybe it is something you have seen on others and are curious about? Do the marks light up your lust or maybe it is the potential marks that put you off?

And you know that you are also welcome to tell us why this kink is absolutely not for you?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Cupping

NOTE: As February is a short month this topic closes a day early on the 15th

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