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Kink of the Week May 1-16: Lists

This was a topic that was suggested to me by Lillith who blogs at Lillith Avir and so I invited her to write the introduction for it. It is one of those subjects that at first glance doesn’t seem to really be a kink and yet when you think about lists a bit more they are actually a feature of our lives and by extension our sex and kink lives too. After all I bet most of you have a sex or kink bucket list. But here is Lilly to give you some thoughts to get you started

What can I say? I love lists!

They give me a sense of control and overview. They help me structure my day and understand what needs to be done when and what can wait. But they also help me look forward to what will happen in the future, near or far.

Often enough I start a project or simply my day, at home or the office, by making a list. I try to include little pleasant things to keep me motivated in between.

And yes, lists play a huge part in my D/s and always have. A list of punishments, a list of things to try, a list of things to discuss. 

Especially now, that many of us are apart and not sure when we will get to be with each other, do lists with plans on what to do help? Are lists part of you daily routine? Do you use lists for rewards? Or maybe for punishments? Are there other kinds of lists you have come across within D/s? What were your experiences?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: List

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