Kink of the Week September 1 – 16: Being discussed

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Let me start this one off by being clear about what I am referring to, or maybe what I am not referring to. I don’t mean being talked about in the sense of people gossiping or bad mouthing you behind your back. What I do mean is when someone discusses you in a sexual way in front of you.

She is laying on the bed, legs tied open, her wrists cuffed above her head. He leans down and runs a finger through the wetness of her cunt and says to the other person in the room

“Look how wet this is making her. She is such a dirty little slut. What would you like to enjoy about her first?”

See what I mean, being talked about in a sexual context. Described to someone else as a dirty bitch, or filthy slut, or listening as someone tells their ‘friend’ how well you lick their cunt.

Is it the humiliation aspect of being talked about like that which turn you on? Are the words important? Or is the whole scenario/situation that it takes place that would do it for you?

Have you ever done this to someone? What works for you if you are the one doing the talking?

Of course maybe it is not actually speech but what about being part of a group DM or email where you are the person being discussed in a sexual way by others? Or maybe they are planning what to do to you? Can you feel the heat rising in you at just the thought of it… or maybe that is just me.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Being talked about

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