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Morning Sex

Molly laying in bed sleeping for morning sex

Kink of the Week September 16 – 30: Morning Sex

I was absolutely sure we had covered this topic but having searched the achieved it seems we have managed to skip straight past although we did do Sleeping, drowsy sex/Nighttime sex but for this one I specifically talking about morning sex.

Is there something about starting the day off with sex that just does it for you? Do you like to wake up and reach for your partner or them for you? Is morning sexy times something that only happens on weekend or holidays or are you happy to set you alarm earlier than needed into to fit in a some morning fun?

Alternatively maybe you are one of those people who likes their morning to themselves. You have a routine and it doesn’t involve getting it on with someone?

Of course like many subjects here I use the word sex to encompass all things sex so maybe you like a morning wank? Or you love waking your partner with your mouth? Or starting your day with a damn good spanking?

On final important thing. The quote on Little Switch Bitch’s Quest Quest meme was suggested by me and is a morning quote so you can link up to both memes if you like!

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Morning Sex

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