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Kink of the Week December 16 – 31: Protocols

Time for another topic revisit. This was done back in 2013 and as I work through the past topics this one is now at the top of the re-do list.

So what is protocol?

Really that is what you need to answer not me because what that might mean within any given relationship can vary hugely

It is definitely something that would be associated with D/s relationships but that is not a given either.

Do you have protocols in your kink relationship? If so, what are they? Are they elaborate or simple? Followed at all times, or only during certain situations? Are they followed in public, or do you have “public” versions and “private” versions?

Protocols within D/s are often defined as being low, medium or high protocol. Do you have a part of your relationship that falls into one of these categories.

When this topic was covered back in 2013 this post, Protocol and behaviour with in D/s relationships, about protocols was linked in the intro as it is goes into the subject in great depth and gives lots of thoughts and examples on the subject so I have included it again in case as a useful resource.

ALSO you might want to link your post to No True Way meme as Lilly has made her topic this time round about protocols too!

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