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Woman smelling the scent of her knickers

Kink of the Week January 16 – 31: Scent

Are you turned on by smells?

Do you love perfume or cologne? Is there a specific one that whenever you smell it reminds you are a certain person or a particular time? Maybe it is your own fragrance that when you spray it transports you to a moment in time?

What about body odour? Do you love the way you smell? Do you find the aroma of your partner a massive turn on? What about the scent of your own body? Does it smell different, better, sexy, after you have had sex?

Maybe it is the smells during sex which turn you on? Is the scent of your partners junk or the mix of your two bodies together that does it for you?

Or maybe it is a smell of something totally different. Maybe a particular flower or the aroma of a certain place or food that always gets you going? Perhaps that scent is tied to a specific memory.

Do you find yourself breathing in the scent of your partner. Do you wear their cologne or fragrance? Take a deep breath and tell us how smell and scent works for you.

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