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bottom sitting on spikes for post about masocism

Kink of the Week February 15 – 28: Masochism

Definition: Masochism is behaviour in which someone gets sexual pleasure from their own pain or suffering. ~ Collins Dictionary

The term is often used as a term to refer to pain play and those who get off on pain and whilst that is absolutely a facet of masochism it can refer to other things too such a humiliation play and as the definition above states suffering. For example chastity and orgasm denial could be a form of masochism.

So for this topic you tell me about how masochism works for you. Is it related to pain and impact play or maybe some other forms of pain play like needles, biting, scratching etc.

What about when it comes to bondage or predicament type play. Is your masochistic kink related to discomfort more than pain. Is there something about the hot ache in your muscles as you hold a position that turn you on?

Or maybe it is some sort of humiliation that sparks that response in you. Being used in some way. Something that causes your heart to race and your face to burn with embarrassment.

Is your masochism about endurance?

I feel like if you are the one who gets off on indulging someones masochistic kink then what turns you on about it is that it works for them. It is that feedback loop where you get off on their reaction. Or maybe you are just a sadist and get off on their suffering?

So let’s get into the thick of things and share your thoughts, experiences, images, fiction relating to masochism

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