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picture of penis bulge in pants for post about bulges

Kink of the Week March 1 – 16: Bulges

What do I mean by this? It is simple really, the bulge created in underwear or well fitted trousers by a penis and testicles being tucked away in there.

Of course that penis and testicles might be factory installed or it might be something you like to wear in the form of a packer. Whatever creates the bulge is totally valid for this subject but for ease of writing this I used the words penis and testicles.

So what is about that shape that is created by a penis in a well fitted pair of underwear that you find hot and sexy. Maybe it is your own bulge and you like the way it feels in your hand as you cup the fabric. Do you have some favourite underwear that just seems to give the most perfect bulge?

Or maybe you are a bulge appreciator. Do you find yourself checking out bulges on people? Do you like reaching out and stroking your partners bulge. What about if they get hard and that bulge gets bigger? Have you bought your partner underwear with the thought that it would create a good bulge?

Image courtesy of MxNillin

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