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Vampire paddle for post about Sadism

Kink of the Week April 1 – 16: Sadism

Definition: Sadism is the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

Back in February we did masochism so it seemed only right that we should also tackle the flip side of that kink because if you are a masochist then you are probably going to be into someone who is a sadist. Probably.

I say probably because actually the key to that working out is that your masochistic desires match that of a sadist. If you love spanking and impact play but they get off on humiliation and face slapping then it is probably not going to be a good match.

So sadist let’s talk. What type of things ring your sadism bell loud. Do you love pain play, if so what types. Do you love the physicality of it, seeing the other person in pain, suffering, just for you? Or maybe you are more into the humiliation aspect of things. Do you love to see your partner squirm with embarrassment or maybe you get off on making them wait. Do you love orgasm denial or chastity? Is there something super hot to you about denying them, making them wait, making hard for them?

And what of endurance? Is there something about seeing a partner endure whatever it is you are dishing out that floats our boat. Maybe watching them hold a position or fighting against their bonds, or the glowing heat of their skin as they struggle to take the heat from your paddle.

If you wrote about masochism back in February as your kink then this your chance to expand on how that sits along side a sadist. Do you even need that? Maybe you are a switch and like to give as good as you get?

Do you get off on the act or on your partners reaction?

How did you discover you were a bit of a sadist?

So let’s get into the thick of things and share your thoughts, experiences, images, fiction relating to sadism

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