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Wet and Messy aka Sploshing

Woman pushing foot into fruit pie for post about sploshing


Kink of the Week April 16 – 30: Sploshing

Sploshing is when a person gets off on having copious amounts of a substance smeared over their skin, face or clothing. It is very common for that substance to be some sort of food but it can also be paint, mud, soap, shaving foam, slime etc.

So are you a splosher? Is that even a word? It is now.

If so what about wet and messy play gets you off. If is the tactile sensation of the substances against your skin. If so do you have a favourite substance that you love to roll around in?

Or maybe it is about the visual aspect. Is it the way it looks as opposed to how it feels?

Is it about it on your skin or your face or in your hair or maybe it is about getting it on your clothes. What is it that you like to splosh in. Is it food or something else?

What is about the whole thing that just works for you? For some it is definitely a sexual thing and for others it seems to be a something that is more about having fun.

Maybe you have never sploshed. If so why is that. Not your thing? Never had the opportunity? Or maybe it is something a partner is into but not you. Are you happy watching or taking the pictures?

And of course if this kink is absolutely not for you then that is also a totally valid point of view that you can also share.

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