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Lips round head of cock for post about fellatio

Kink of the Week June 1 – 16: Fellatio

We have indeed performed fellatio before on Kink of the Week but open wide because it is time to do it again!

Blow job, Suck job, Going down, Giving head, Face fuck, BJ, Oral, there are so many different names for it that really sound so much better than fellatio but whatever it is you like to call then I definitely want to hear about it.

Do you love getting your cock sucked? Do you look sucking cock?

Whether you are the sucker or the suckee or maybe you are both then tell us what it is about the act that you love so much. Or maybe you are ambivalent about it? Do you see it as just part of sex, something you do before PIV for example or is it something you like doing in it’s own right? Do you like to be sucked or suck all the way to completion?

If you have a D/s relationship how does fellatio play a part in that? Does it make you feel submissive to suck cock? Does it make you feel dominant to have your cock sucked? Are you a female domme who loves to suck cock? Are you a submissive who loves to have their face fucked? Is sucking cock part of serving your dominant?

Are you good at sucking someone off? What is the key to a great blow job? What do you love about it? Do you like it if your partner comes in your mouth or is that a limit for you? How do you feel about gagging on a penis?

Really it is up to you how you want to tackle this subject. Down on your knees, kneeling over your partner, in the shower, in a dark alleyway *laughs… sorry couldn’t help it. It is totally up to you, the above is really just some thoughts to get you thinking and ultimately writing about blow jobs

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