Kink of the Week June 16 – 30: Cuckolding

Cuckolding as a kink or fetish has evolved to mean a man who likes to watch his partner having sex with other men. Not to be confused with cuckqueening where the genders are reversed and we will tackle that subject here in a month or so. Also not to be confused with Hotwifing which definitely has similarties to cuckolding but does not tend to include the masochist tenancies and the humiliation aspect. Again, we will tackle that topic at some point too.

I usually like to make these topics as genderless as possible. I try really hard to avoid gendered language and terms but with this one it is a little tricky because the kink is widely associated with heterosexual partnerships. So I apologies in advance if this one feels less gender inclusive than normal but also I totally want to hear your point of view on this subject no matter your gender or relationships.

The origins of the word cuckolding date back to 1250 and are derived from the word cuckoo, a bird that lays it’s eggs in other birds nests for them to raise their young for them. Originally the term related to husbands whose wives were cheating on them and possibly raising children that were not their own.

The definition of the term has evolved over time and for many cuckolding is now a form of ethical non-monogamy where all the people involved are aware and consenting to the situation.

So do you have a cuckolding kink? Do you get off on watching your partner with someone else. Is there a humiliation factor to it? Does feeling jealous turn you on? For some the husband gets off on being verbally belittled by both his wife and possible the person she is having sex with that is sometimes called ‘the bull’. For some being the cuckold is a form of masochism.

Are you the cuckold or are you the cuckee? (is that a word?) Do you love watching your partner seduce and fuck someone else? Do you find lovers for them? Do you sit and watch or do you watch in secret? Or maybe you don’t get to watch you only get to listen or hear about it afterwards? Is orgasm denial involved as part of your kink?

Are you the partner doing the ‘sleeping around’. What is it about cuckolding your partner that you find thrilling? How did you discover this was a turn on for you both?

Is cuckolding a form of swinging for you or maybe you only have one other regular partner that you indulge your cuckolding play with? How does it work for them?

Have you even been the person invited to be the stud in this situation. How did you feel about the partner watching? Or knowing they were getting off on the humiliation of it?

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