Kink of the Week July 1 – 16: Gags

Do you have a thing for a gag? Does the thought of being gagged or gagging someone fire up your sexy desires?

This topic is all about gags. Ball gags, Bit gangs, Ring gags, Rope Gags, Improvised gags… you know, when you stuff someone panties into their mouth or maybe use the dressing gown cord to muzzle them. There are gags to silence you, gags to hold your mouth open, gags to, well make you gag, gags that insert a dildo or plug into your mouth.

Do you own a gag? What type is it? Is it for you to wear or for you to put on someone else? If you are the one who likes being gagged what about it works for you? Is it a form of humiliation kink? Do you think it just looks really sexy? Do you get off on being forced to be silent? Or maybe it is all about drool and spit?

Maybe you don’t want to be gagged but you want to be the one doing the gagging. Why do gags work for you? What about seeing your partner silenced or with their mouth held open like that floating your boat.

What of improvised gags. Forcing someones underwear into their mouth or using something else as a form of rope or bit gag. Is there something about the spur of the moment of that type of play that you love?

Is there an element of endurance or even discomfort about a gag that ticks your boxes. Do you actually that ache in your jaw that a gag tends to result in? Does the thought of being gagged and then spanked make you squirm or maybe gagged and fucked?

Or is is more about the visual aspect of it. How it looks when you or someone is gagged?

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