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Kink of the Week Sept 1 – 16: Tattoos

“Tattoos exude pain and pleasure all at the same time.” ~ Chester Bennington

Tattoos are one of those things that I think every generation think they have invented but actually we know that tattoos are at least as old an ancient Egypt which means they are probably even older than that. Clearly humans have been marking themselves in some fashion or other for a very long time.

Of course over the course of human history tattoos have in some cultures been seen as completely normal and in others as something subversive or taboo. Today? Well like so many things it really depends on who you talk to.

So let’s talk about tattoos. Do you have any? Why did you get them? Do you think they are sexy? Was the process of getting them something that turned you on? Do you like tattoo’s on other people? Is there something HOT about undressing someone and exploring their ink with your finger tips and maybe your mouth? Do you love hearing people’s tattoos stories? Maybe you have a tattoo you regret or one that you have always dreamed of having. Is their a particular body part or area of the body where you think ink is particularly sexy? Have you ever got a tattoo with a partner or lover? Something matching maybe or related to your kink life?

Are tattoos sexy as fuck or maybe they are so not your thing. Whatever your thoughts, experience or stories about them come and share them here this week.

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