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Tasting your own cum

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Kink of the Week Sept 16 – 30: Tasting your own cum

I know there are the odd contortionist who can actually lick or suck their own genitals and if you can then you should definitely write about it and join in with this topic however for this subject I am mostly referring to being turned on by tasting your own cum and/or juices.

Do you like licking your own juices off your fingers after you have made yourself come? Do you enjoy licking/tasting your own jizz post wank?

Maybe what you like is licking your juices of your lovers fingers or cock maybe even their face. What about tasting your cum after you have ejaculated on or in a lover?

What is it about tasting yourself that turns you? Is it the actual taste of it or something about the taboo nature of it?

I feel like main stream porn and the male gaze has made people with vulva’s tasting themselves, especially sucking their juices off a cock or fingers something that is almost seen as a normal part of sex now but that is a lot more stigma around people with a penis licking, tasting themselves. Do you think this plays into why you find it hot?

What about watching a lover tasting themselves? Maybe having a partner lick your fingers after you have fingered them is the hottest thing ever. Or has your partner ever licked their jizz of your skin? Maybe it is something you have never done but would love to do

Or maybe the whole thing leaves you stone cold and it is most definitely not your kink. Feel free to write about that too, why that is etc just make make sure you don’t yuck other peoples yum in the process. So it is fine to say… “I don’t like”…. but it is not OK to say… “Someone tasting their own juices is grim”

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