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Kink of the Week October 1 – 16: Tickling

Tickling is a topic that we tackled back in the early days of Kink of the Week. Now it is time to bring it back for all those new here and to for those who did it before to maybe revisit the topic and see if your thoughts and experiences have changed.

I have a feeling that tickling is possibly one of those love/hate subjects when it comes to kinks. I suspect there are plenty of people for whom it is a massive hard limit. It can definitely be done in a way that makes it a fairly torturous experience but of course there are people for whom being tortured in that way would be a huge turn on. Are you one of those people?

It might seem mild in comparison to a flogging or a whipping but actually I have seen people tied up and tickled until they are literally crying and begging for it to stop (this was part of a consensual scene) It clearly pushed them fairly hard but at the end they seemed happy and floaty about the whole thing. Maybe you are one of those people who find enduring something like hot or maybe that would be your idea of hell no.

Are there certain parts of your body that tickling is fine on and others where it is not? Perhaps you have a memory of being tickled as a child that sits in your head. Good memory or bad?

Or maybe you are the one who loves to tickle? What it is about tickling someone that you enjoy. The way they squirm and giggle or how it makes them cry and beg? Maybe it is not about the tickling so much as the person who loves it. So it is not something you have a kink of but they do and you love indulging them.

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