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Kink of the Week December 16 – 31: Gifts

Receiving gifts are one of the Love Languages

“You feel loved when people give you “visual symbols of love,”” ~ The Five Love Languages Explained

But is giving and receiving gifts part of your kink language?

Of course kink and love are not mutually exclusive so if gifts are your love language then it is likely that will reach across into your kink relationships too

So do the giving and/or receiving of gifts feature in your kink life/relationships?

Maybe it is an act of service or submission to bring your partner gifts. Maybe it is even part of your dynamic if you have a D/s relationship that you bring an offering of a gift to your partner?

Is it the act of giving a gift that works for you or receiving or maybe both works for you in different ways? How is it linked to your kinks in general, if it is? Are the gifts symbolic in some way? Maybe they are not things you have bought but things you have made? How does giving gifts make you feel?

Likewise how does receiving a gift make you feel?

As we have done Christmas as a topic here before I thought the giving and receiving of gifts fitted quite well alongside that topic and the time of year.

Are you planning on giving a kinky sexy gift to someone this Christmas?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences or stories around this subject come and share them here on Kink of the Week

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