Kink of the Week February 1 – 15: Nyotaimori

So what is Nyotaimori? The traditional definition is basically; The Japanese tradition of eating sushi off a perfectly still, naked woman’s body. But we are not hugely into tradition here on Kink of the Week so let’s dispense with the gender reference and say that

‘Nyotaimori’ is the Japanese tradition of eating sushi off a perfectly still, naked persons body.

When I did a bit of research about this I discovered that pre Covid times that it was possible to attend evenings where to indulge in this in various countries outside of Japan including right here in the UK in London. It didn’t appear to be a cheap event mind you but still. I suspect people happily paid their money and went along even if only out of curiosity.

Was one of those people you? Would you have loved to have gone if not? Or maybe your interest/experience of this kink is about being the one whom people are eating the off? Is this a long held to fantasy to be the centre of such an event? Or maybe you have actually done it or tried it out with a partner or a small group of friends?

What it is about Nyotaimori that works for you? Is the food on your skin? The staying still? The way people are standing round talking about you or the food? The sensation of people picking food from your body? Wondering which morsel they will pick next?

Or maybe you like the idea of being the diner in this scenario. Is the decadent nature of it that appeals to you or maybe there is a humiliation aspect to it that you are drawn to?

So order in some Sushi and let’s explore the topic of Nyotaimori

Whatever your thoughts, experiences or stories around this subject come and share them here on Kink of the Week

Image Source – Edith Soto

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