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Pet Play

person kneeling in the woods wearing just a fox tail butt plug for post about pet play

Kink of the Week February 15 – 28: Pet Play

Pet play, AKA animal role play, involves one or more people involved taking on the persona of some sort of animal. Usually the ‘pet’ takes on a submissive role within a BDSM context and is submissive to their owner/trainer etc. Pet play can be as simple as putting on some cat ears and a tail and enjoying being curled up in a partners lap and treated like a cat or as complex as elaborate costumes and more. For example pony play often involves being strapped to some sort of rig or cart so that the ‘pony’ can pull it along.

The variety of animals identities that fall into the pet play is huge. From cat and kittens, dog and puppies to horses, ponies, cows, sheep, wolves, foxes and even mythical creatures like unicorns. There are many communities of pet play folks who will get together and indulge in the dressing up and role play aspect of pet play. For some it involves aspects of D/s or BDSM but for others it is purely about the role play and dressing up.

So are you into pet play? Do you love your kitten ears and tail? Do you have fantasises of being someone’s puppy or pony? Is it the idea of being the animal or is more connected to the idea of being owned and cared for. Is there a humiliation aspect to it for you where being sub human is a turn on? Maybe you like being kept in a cage and wearing a collar. Whatever aspect of Pet Play works for you we want to hear about it

Are you a pet owner? What about having a pet do you enjoy? How did you discover your pet play kink?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences or stories around this subject come and share them here on Kink of the Week

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