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Clothed Dom Naked Sub

Nakd person kneeling by clothed persons legs for Clothed Dom Naked Female Kink

Kink of the Week May 16 – 31: Clothed Dom(me)/Naked Sub

In the past we have done both Clothed Female/Naked Male and Clothed Male/Naked Female but I want to open it up to make the gender of any of the people involved not important, unless it is to the people involved in which case absolutely write about that as that is your valid experience.

So if for example you are a man and what gets you off about this dynamic is being naked in front of clothed women/woman then that is absolutely a legitimate kink and one for you to share here as part of the current topic. Likewise if the gender of the people are not important but you get off on the dynamic of being naked when your partner is clothed then that is your kink and we want to know about it.

Is it part of a D/s relationship that you are at times expected to be naked whilst your dominant is clothed? What is about that which turns you on? Is it an element of humiliation or vulnerability or maybe both that makes being naked whilst they are dressed hot for you? Maybe you are not in a formal D/s relationship but when it comes to this kink those are the rolls you take on? Or maybe are in a power exchange relationship and your Dom has set times when they expect you to be naked?

Or maybe you are part of the equation who is the dressed one? How does that make you feel? Do you like having the power and control in that situation? Do you enjoy seeing your partner squirming? Do you like to tease and torment when you are indulging in this kink?

Have you ever been to a kink event that has a clothed dom/naked sub theme? Was it gender specific, eg. CFNM or CMNF? Have you ever seen an event that caters to this kink that is not gender specific? Do you think this is an issue within the kink the community that contributes to trans and non-binary people not feeling welcomed within the kink community? Would you like to see more diverse events that catered to this kink?

Do you have a fantasy that centres round this kink? Perhaps you have always wanted to be the serving sub to a party of people where you were naked and everyone else was clothed? Or maybe you have even done something like? Whatever your clothed dom/naked sub type experiences, stories, thoughts then share them here with us for this topic.

Image by Molly’s Daily Kiss

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