Kink of the Week June 1 – 16: Anticipation

“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting”
~ Andy Warhol

Yes? No? Maybe?

Of course it definitely depends on what you are waiting for and how long you are waiting for it.

This topic could be in the context of during a BDSM scene. So the anticipation before the flogger hits or the swish of the whip as it travels towards to you. Of being blindfolded and not knowing what is coming next and where. Maybe it is the ache to be touched, the anticipation of finally being kissed or sucked or fucked? That desire for it pumping through you but having to wait.

It could be anticipation in the wider sense. The wait to see your partner who doesn’t live with you. The joyful looking forward to the next time. The countdown until it happens. That intense feeling of excitement as it grows closers and you can’t help but smile every time you think about it

What about the anticipation of planning things? Talking about what you want to do together. Planning when and where. Maybe buying the right outfit or special underwear or a new kink toy or implement. How all that helps to build desire and longing for whatever it is.

What of anticipation as part of a D/s dynamic or part of orgasm control/denial. Is being told to wait hot to you? Not being allowed to come or being denied that release until eventually allowed it. Does anticipation play a role in that and why is is hot for you?

Do you love to see your partner full of anticipation for you or your plans? Do you like having them in that state of excitement and wanting? Is there an element of control about that which gets you off

There really are so many different ways the anticipation plays a role in our sex/kink lives so really whatever this word means to you within that context is absolutely up to you. This are just some general thoughts and suggestions just in case you need them.

Image by Molly’s Daily Kiss

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