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bite teeth mark on arm

Kink of the Week July 1 – 16: Biting

“It you taste nice I may bite!”
~ Amy Mah

‘Ohhh biting’ or maybe it is ‘no biting’ or something in between the two.

Do you love to sink your teeth into tender flesh. Is it all about teeth or does a swirl of the tongue of applying some suction work just as well? Is about the sensation or the marks it leaves behind?

Maybe you are the one who loves to bitten? What is about the act that works for you? The sensation, the power aspect, the pain, the marks? All of them, or something else completely?

Does it matter where on the body? Do you like your bum being bitten or breasts or back? What about your neck or thighs?

Is is part of sex, maybe you love feeling someone fucking you from behind and biting at your back and neck as they do or maybe it is part of impact play or other types of kink play?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, desires, kinks around biting come and share them here on Kink of the Week

Image by Molly’s Daily Kiss

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