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Prostate Play

Prostate play kink of mans bare buttocks

Kink of the Week Aug 16 – 31: Prostate Play/Prostate Massage

Prostate play also sometimes called prostate massage is the stimulation of the prostate gland in people with a penis for the purpose sexual stimulation/arousal. It can involves toys or fingers and is for many people an intensely pleasurable experience.

But is it kinky? Well I think the answer to that is who you are? For many people it would be seen as just another sex act but for others it would definitely be viewed as kinky and maybe even taboo. For some cis men internalised homophobia makes them feel very conflicted about even trying it let along enjoying it.

So are you someone with a prostate who is into a bit of bum fun loving? If so how did you discover it? What was the first time like? Do you do alone as part of masturbation or something you share with a partner? Do you have a favourite prostate toy or any advice for someone who has never done it but wants to try it?

If you don’t have a prostate maybe you have a partner who does? Is it something you have explored together? Do you like giving your partner pleasure in this way?

You might be one of the people with a prostate for whom the stimulation of it is uncomfortable or even painful? Or maybe the sensation of being penetrated in that way does not nothing to arouse you at all?

Does prostate play feature as part of your kink? Maybe you are someone with a prostate who is also submissive. How does that type of play work for you within the dynamics of your D/s relationship.

Or maybe it features as part of your kink in some other way. Are you a Dom who likes prostate play? Have you found submissive partner to be uncomfortable with giving you that type of pleasure?

If you have never done it but want to try it, what is holding you back?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, desires, kinks around biting come and share them here on Kink of the Week

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