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Canes and Caning

Canes laying across womans bottom which is red from being caned

Kink of the Week Sept 16 – 31: Canes and caning

Time for another redo topic; Canes and caning.

I don’t think they need much explanation. Surely everyone knows what a cane is and what caning is but just in case, a thin rod like implement, can be made from bamboo, carbon fibre, polyurethane etc and is applied usually across the bottom of someone (although boobs and thighs work too) to leave red welt like marks.

I suspect canes and caning is one of those things that people are either “Oh Yes”, or “Fuck no” about. Can you be indifferent to a caning? Whichever you are I definitely want to hear about it.

Is there a particular cane you like? Are you the one being caned or the one doing the caning? Maybe caning is something you associate with some sort of roleplay like school teacher/pupil? Or maybe they are something you have never tried but feature in your ‘want to’ list and/or fantasies?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Canes and Caning

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