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man with curly hair whispering into womans ear with the word threats written across the image

Kink of the Week Nov 1 – 16: Threats

When I say threats I don’t mean the scary non-consensual kind I mean the hot sexy kind within the context of a kink relationship or scene.

“If you do that again I am going to put you over my knee and spank you”

“You are going to regret that”

“I am going to make you pay”

Do phrases like that float your kinky boat.

What is about a partner issuing verbal warnings like this that fires you up? Do you have certain phrases or warning that you particularly like? Are they part of a role play scene or are they just part of your d/s or kink dynamic?

Are you the one who issues the threats? Is it the words themselves that you enjoy or is the impact they have on your partner that makes it hot for you? Or maybe it is a bit of both.

Is it something that works in a more public setting. Having something like that whispered to you into your ear at dinner or maybe even a message sent to you while at work?

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