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Person wearing metal police handcuffs

Kink of the Week Dec 1 – 16: Handcuffs

A bit like the last topic, Crops, Handcuffs, and I mean the metal type handcuffs not just cuffs in general, often seem to be a staple of BDSM play. Go on any sex shop and look at their kink section and they will have handcuffs. They seem to be regarded as a standard piece of kink kit but is that true?

A bit like everyone assumes being kinky or into BDSM means you want to tied up and spanked, handcuffs seem to have become so synonymous with kinky times that they are now so mainstream that you will find them lingering in the bedside draws of a vast number of people.

So do you have a pair?

Are they are a regular part of your kinky play time?

Perhaps they are part of a role play scenario that you enjoy? Police, prisoner, interrogation, torture type scenes etc?

Do you love them because they are kind of uncomfortable? Perhaps they feed into a kink where you like feeling powerless and restrained?

Maybe you don’t have any handcuffs but they are part of a fantasy you have? I am fairly sure we would all love to know more about what that fantasy looks like?

Image By Pieces of Jade

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