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Other peoples orgasms

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Kink of the Week Jan 16 – 31: Other Peoples Orgasms

Yes sex and kink are way more than just orgasms but sometimes orgasms are fucking amazing but what about when they are not your orgasm but other peoples orgasms. Do you love watching a partner come?

There is in my opinion something utterly intoxicating about a partner climaxing especially if I am involved in making it happen but even if I am only a witness to it, it is still powerfully hot to me to see them come.

Can a partner coming trigger your orgasm? Have you even been a room with a multiple people getting off at once? Did one person seem to set the others off?

Do you like watching the so called ‘money shot’ when it comes to porn. Is that just about watching someone with a penis ejaculate or does that include watching someone with a vulva too?

What about in person? Do you like to sit back and just watch. Let your partner take control of their own pleasure and give you pleasure by letting you watch them come?

What about when it comes to fucking/sex…. does your partner orgasming help you to get off?

Is your love of your partners orgasm related to some other sort of kink such a jizz fetish, being cum on or orgasm control/denial.

Do you derive as much pleasure from a partners pleasure as you do from your own?

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