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Butt plugs

Person taking picture reflected in the head of metal butt plugs

Kink of the Week Feb 15 – 28: Butt Plugs

Pretty sure I don’t need to explain what butt plugs are to this audience so lets assume the position and slide things into place. Yeah I know, sorry.

Are you a butt plug fan? What it is about a plug that works for you? Do you have a collection of them if so do you have your favourites? Have you ever one you didn’t like? Do you have a particular size or shape that works best for your body? Do you use them when you have a wank? Do you use them during partnered sex? Have you ever worn one out and about in the world? What was that experience like?

If you have never tried one are you curious about butt plugs? What has held you back from giving it a go?

Do you have a fantasy that involves using a butt plug that you like to play out in your head? Would you like to turn that into a real life experience?

Maybe butt plugs are just not your thing? Is anal play off limits for you? Perhaps it just doesn’t appeal to you or maybe you had a bad experience that put you off? Talking about why a thing doesn’t work for you is just as legitimate as talking about things that are hot for you so don’t be worried about sharing your butt plug no’s if you have them.

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