Kink of the Week March 1 – 16: Cuckqueening

Back in 2021 we tackled the subject of Cuckolding. At the time I wrote that we would tackle the flip side of that kink, cuckqueening, at a later to here we are. I am aware that the distinction between the two and this terms is very gendered. Cuckolding as a kink or fetish has evolved to mean a man who likes to watch his partner having sex with other men and Cuckqueening is where a woman likes to watch her partner having sex with other women.

I thought about not doing this kink because most people covered it when we did cuckolding but I decided we should do it as there are aspects of cuckqueening that can be different and also different terms that people use and get off on. As I stated back then, I do apologise for the gendered nature of these terms and please feel free to ignore them and write about this kink in whatever way works for you.

If you are into cuckqueening are you the queen, or the the ‘king’ or maybe you like being the cuckcake? A term widely used to describe the person who joined the established couple. How is this different from a FMF 3some? The answer is usually some sort of control dominance or humiliation aspect. For some the queen is the dominant partner or dominant to the cuckcake but for others it is cuckcake who is the one with elevated status whilst the ‘queen’ is forced to watch.

If you are into this kink do you use those terms and what do they means for you? Are the terms part of what makes it sexy for you? What sort of humiliation aspect does this kink involve for you? Has it been easy to find a ‘cuckcake’ to join you? What about this kink rocks your world? Do you love being forced to watch your partner fuck someone else while they taunt you or do you love gifting your partner a dirty little slut to play with. Do you like to watch or be part of it? Do you like getting the cuckcake ready for you partner?

Maybe you have never done this but the idea of turns you on? Have to fantasised about being the cuckcake or the queen or maybe your are the established partner of the queen?

Again if you want to write the general idea of cuckqueening without these terms then absolutely please do go for it but for those whom these terms are part of the kink then this one is for you.

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