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Fingers pinching and twisting a nipple

Kink of the Week April 1 – 16: Pinching

Time for a redo topic as we last discussed pinching back in 2014! Pretty sure I don’t have to define what pinching so let’s get straight on with it.

What kind of pinching do you like? Small sharp little pinches that make you gasp, big handful grabs or something in between? Do you like toys that pinch or do you prefer it is hands or fingers? Maybe both works for you? What about the sensation of a good pinch do you enjoy? Can pinching leave marks? Is that part of the appeal?

What about location? I don’t mean in the garden or the bedroom I mean thighs, belly, bum, boobs, nipples, penis, labia? Are there particular areas of the body where you like to be pinched and if you are the pincher are there particular places you find yourself drawn when it comes to delivering a good nip.

Maybe you like the sensation of clamps and pegs/pins but when it comes to someone pinching you with their fingers you are not so keen or possibly the other way round? Or maybe compression type sensations like this are always a hard pass for you?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, images, stories, fantasies you have around pinching this is the time and place to share them

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