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Molly wearing green and black lingerie all in one body

Kink of the Week June 16 – 30: Lingerie

Lacy, black, white, red, satin, bras, knickers, panties, body suits, baby dolls, stockings and suspenders, the list of potential things that fall under the label of lingerie is extensive. So what do you have in your wardrobe?

Are you a lingerie lover? Do you have quite a collection or maybe just a few key pieces? Is it something you love spending money on? Do you have a favourite piece? Or does that depend on mood and situation? What about wearing it do your love?

Do you keep your lingerie for special occasions or do you love wearing it every day no matter what you are doing? Maybe wearing lacy panties under your suit makes the work day just that bit more exciting.

Maybe your drawers are empty of lingerie and that is because your love is about seeing your partner(s) in it? Have you bought lingerie from someone? Have you ever been lingerie shopping with a partner? Did you love picking something out for them? Do you love knowing they are wearing it under their clothes?

Do you have lingerie that you only wearing in the bedroom?

Is there something about slipping on some good undies that always makes you feel sexy or good about your body? Where did you get your favourite outfits from?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, images, stories, fantasies you have around lingerie this is the time and place to share them

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