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Big selection of dildos lined up on the bed.

Kink of the Week September 1– 16: Dildos

“A dildo is an object usually designed for sexual penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus, and is usually solid and phallic in shape.” ~ Wiki

I mean yes but also this definition is so simple and generalised. Dildos come in all shapes, sizes, textures and made from a huge variety of materials. There are giant ones that are as big as your head or teeny tiny ones that are the size of your little finger. Some dildos look just a penis with a flesh like finish and balls and some of them look like a tentacle or the penis of a mythical creature. There are even Jesus dildos. Basically whatever kind of dildo you want someone somewhere has probably made one.

So do you love a dildo? Do you have collection or just one or two faithfuls that you always reach for? Do you like them big, small or a certain shape? Do you like glass ones or silicone or wood or stone?

Are they something you use on your own for masturbation or do you like using them with or on partner?

Maybe you have a dildo fantasy? What happen in your fantasy and who do dildos play a role in it?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, images, stories, fantasies you have around pinching this is the time and place to share them

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