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Kink of the Week October 1– 16: Bratty/Bratting

Last year I wrote up an interview that I had done for Fetish.Com with Dr Celina Criss. The main reason for the piece was to promote her training session on their site which is about Bratting. I found some of the things she said really interesting and so wanted to mention them here in this introduction.

Bratting is like kinky chess in a way… you’re looking for ways to outsmart your partner, but always with fun and joy at the center – this isn’t about making people upset or angry; it’s about deliberately playing with the rules and breaking them because it’s fun.

I think brats are unfairly labeled “naughty subs” or “topping from the bottom .” Not all brats are subs, and bratting is its own flavor of power play. No outside observer gets to label the players in a scene, and if the people playing together are having fun, who cares what they call it?

You can find the interview HERE and if you are interested in the course that is HERE and also this page on Fetish has a really good definition of what a brat is that I think really captures this kink.

So with all that in mind let’s talk about being bratting and being a brat.

Do you identify as one? Or maybe you are in a relationship with someone who is a brat? Maybe it is just one of the ways you like to play now and then or maybe it is always a part of who you are?

Do you think that Brats are often misunderstood? Maybe you have had trouble in past with people not understanding what it is or how it works for you? Do you think the term is loaded and people make assumptions about brats and bratting? Maybe assume that a brat is like a teen or is just rude and obnoxious? Do you think they often assume it is connected with age play?

As always these are just some thoughts to get you going. Write whatever works for you on this subject.

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, images, stories, fantasies you have around pinching this is the time and place to share them

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