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Maschalagnia – Armpits

Picture of someone in a white vest top lifting their arm and showing their armpit for post about Maschalagnia

Kink of the Week October 16– 31: Maschalagnia – Armpits

Maschalagnia is defined simply as having a sexual attraction, being turned on by, armpits. It might be the look, the feel, the smell or a combination of all these. However for the purpose of this topic I am looking at it in a more broad way. Maybe you do have a sexual fetish for armpits but also maybe you just like them.

Do you like having your armpits caressed or touched in some way? Or maybe they are really ticklish and it’s a big no? Do you shave your armpit hair or maybe you love some body hair there?

Do you love how your partners armpits smell? Do you find yourself burring your nose into their armpit to enjoy their scent? Is your enjoyment of armpits all related to scent and smell?

Maybe you have used armpits in another kinky way. Could they be used in a form of punishment or torture play?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, images, stories, fantasies you have around pinching this is the time and place to share them

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