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Kink of the Week – Mar 31-Apr 6: Orgasm Control

Orgasm denial. Forced orgasms. Two sides of the same coin. They both have their roots in orgasm control. One person denies or demands, the other complies. Do you play with either end of the spectrum? Do you deny your bottoms… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week – Mar 24-30: Dildos For some reason when I started this post, the ditty about Armour hot dogs came to mind. I have no idea why, and based on the fact that it’s all about kids… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week – Mar 17-23: Lingerie

Mmmm…lingerie. Silk, satin, lace, frills…sweet or sexy, daring or demure. What’s your pleasure? Or maybe you don’t wear lingerie at all, or don’t like your partner to wear it. If you’re the Top, do you pick out lingerie for your… Continue Reading →

Kink of the Week – Mar 10-16: Pigtails

Please welcome my good friend and fellow writer and blogger: Malflic! This week he is introducing a favorite kink of his: Pigtails. Are pigtails a real kink or are they simply a hair style that factors into some of our… Continue Reading →

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