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Kink of the Week, Nov. 18-24: Collaring Ceremonies

Don’t forget! This is the last NEW topic for the year for the Kink of the Week!

Kink of the Week will be going on a break for the holidays. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are so busy for so many folks that I’ve decided Kink of the Week deserves a holiday too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep writing on all the kinky topics we’ve had in the many months that we’ve been playing here at Kink of the Week – that’s right, I’ll be opening past topics back up for your writing pleasure! I’m going to do it a little differently this time, so keep your eyes on this space next week!

We will resume normal operations the week of January 4-10th.

Now, on to this week’s topic: Collaring Ceremonies

Several weeks ago we discussed collars, and the significance they have (or don’t) to you. Now I’d like to expand on that a bit.

What exactly is a collaring ceremony? I’m glad you asked!

Typically it is a way of formalizing the relationship between a bottom-type person and a Top-type person. Kind of like wedding vows. But what that ceremony looks like, how formal it is, if there are others present or if it is only between the persons involved, even the meaning attached to it…well, that is all individual to a relationship.

Have you been collared or collared someone in a formal ceremony? I’d love to hear descriptions of it if so.

What meaning do you/did you attach to such a ceremony, or would you if you were to engage in one?  Do you believe collaring someone in a ceremony is more meaningful, more binding, somehow? Is this practice really akin to wedding vows (albeit unrecognized by an official government?) Should it be recognized as binding, the way wedding vows are?

I’ve heard of “online collaring,” which also seems to usually involve some kind of ceremony. How do you feel about this practice? Have you participated in an online collaring ceremony? Did it feel real to you, and binding?

I don’t want to go into the essence of contracts between Tops and bottoms, but I’d like to touch on it here, as it relates to collaring ceremonies. many collaring ceremonies include the signing of a contract, much like a marriage contract. If you have engaged in one (or more) did yours include such a document?

Lastly, what happens when one party or the other wants to sever the relationship? Is there an “uncollaring” ceremony?

I’d love to hear your experiences, thoughts and ideas about this topic.

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