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Welcome to the new look Kink of the Week site. The content is pretty much the same, it is just enjoying some new surroundings.

As you may, or may not know, Jade has decided that she will not be returning to managing the Kink of the Week meme and has passed it onto me permanently. Before I carry on I want to thank Jade for all the work she did in bringing this wonderful meme to life in the first place and the inspiration she provided for so many of us to write about our kinks and sometimes even discover new kinks we were not aware of. I hope to follow in her footsteps and continue to nurture and grow her original idea of a site that would embrace all kinks within a positive community where we can learn, grow, explore and celebrate all our various wonderful kinky lives.

The site has therefore under-gone a little transition phase as it moves locations and gets a new look. Over the next few months I plan to work on building the meme up and encouraging more bloggers to join in. So please do help to spread the word as the more people who partake the more successful it is for all us.

So what about all your links to the old Kink of the Week URL?

You do not need to change anything (unless you particularly want to) as the old URL automatically redirects to here now. If you do have any problems though, or find any broken links on here please do let me know. We have done our best to move everything across but it is possible we might have missed something.

Why is there a new badge?

The badge has changed to reflect the new look of the site. You do not need to change the badge on previous Kink of the Week posts but going forward PLEASE can you use the new badge to link back to here. You can either grab the code for the badge or down load the badge as an image and link it to the site url which is

Tell me about the prompts?

I am going to continue with the bi-monthly schedule as I think it gives people plenty of time to plan and publish their posts and makes it easier for me to keep on top of all the reading of peoples contributions and writing and scheduling the new prompt.

On the topic of prompts if YOU have a particular kink that you would like to see featured on Kink of the Week please do get in touch. I do have a rather large spread sheet with lots of kinks listed on it but have I got your favourite ones on it, is the real question? I would also like to offer others the opportunity to write the introductions to a particular kink topic so if you have one in mind that you would like to take on-board, again, please do get in touch.

What kind of posts are welcome on Kink of the Week?

Please make sure you read the rules if you have not joined in before but in summery any and all content that fits with the current prompt is welcomed be that fiction or non-fiction or photography/image centred posts. However please remember Kink of the Week is intended to highlight only ORIGINAL, CURRENT content but if you do have an old post that you feel is particularly relevant to a particular prompt then get in touch me with and hopefully we can work something out.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can use the contact form on the site or email me

When will there be a new prompt?

I have decided to try to make it easier for everyone by starting again on the 1st of October. In the meantime if you would like to join in with the last prompt listed which is Ass/Bottoms/Bums then please do but I will be closing the page and publishing the new prompt on the 30th September.

Any questions…..

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