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Woman kneeling in submissive position

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Kink of the Week July 1-15: Kneeling

Kneeling can be a very powerful act both for the person kneeling and for the person(s) being knelt to. It is often a core part of many D/s relationships as it is a powerful symbolism of submission but even for those who do not identify as D or s kneeling can still be a kink that works for them. Clearly between two people kneeling definitely enhances a power dynamic.

So lets talk about you and kneeling. Is it a core part of your D/s relationship, maybe it is part of a ritual you have and it is something you do on a daily or regular basis or is it something more spontaneous than that. If you are the one down on your knees what it is about that act which gets you off? Do you have to be kneeling for someone for it to work or have you ever knelt down just because it makes you feel sexy. Maybe you like to masturbate kneeling?

If you are the top/dom type then what about kneeling works for you from your perspective? Do you get off on someone being on their knees for you and if so why? Do you like it to be part of a ritual or do you like to ask for it and watch as they sink to their knees in front of you? Does that display of submissive behaviour get your Dom(me) blood pumping?

Kneeling looks easy but actually physically it can be quite taxing so maybe you love the idea of kneeling but for some reason it is quite a challenge for you? Kink is not just for the physically able bodied so is this a physical act that your mind loves but your body just will no co-operate with?

Have you ever been caught kneeling in a compromising position, was it hugely embarrassing or did it turn into a funny story or maybe even a sexy one? Of course maybe you were the one doing the catching?

Don’t forget that Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences. Fiction posts are more then welcome, so if you want to write us a story inspired by the prompt then go for it.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Kneeling

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