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rural winter frost and fog fields

Kink of the Week December 16-31: Winter

Yes I know this is another unusual one but this time last year we did Christmas and we have done some types of weather such as thunderstorms and getting wet in the rain so why not seasons. Yes that does mean the rest will appear over time but for now we will start here with short days, longs nights and thick sweaters.

Do you look forward to the clocks changing and the nights drawing in? Is there something about that time of year that just makes you happy? Do you happily get out your fluffy slippers and warm socks? Do you like heading out on a cold winters days where you can see your breath and you are all wrapped up in a big coat, gloves and hat? What about weekends spent hiding under the duvet with a lover or laying in front of an open fire? Is there just something wonderfully romantic about the winter?

Alternatively maybe winter is your nemesis and you hate every thing about it? Rather than winter warming your blood maybe it does the exact opposite and turns off your sexy altogether

I know winter is not likely to be a kink it is own right but surely there is something about the season that you associate with sexy, kinky fun?

If winter is not for you then maybe it might be for a character in a piece of fiction that this prompt inspires.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Winter

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