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Kink of the Week Aug 1-16: Summer

I know, is this really a kink? We have done Winter, Christmas and Thunderstorms so I think Summer can definitely be a kink.

Does the warm weather and light evenings fill you with lusty desires? Is there something about summer dress and shorts and t-shirts that just makes you want to get frisky. Do you find yourself heading for the great outdoors with your picnic and a blanket and a sex toy or two? Do you love that you can sleep with the window wide open and the sheets thrown back? Are you a summer person? Perhaps you have a sexy summer memory to share; Sex on the beach, a holiday romance, fucking in the garden? Or maybe it is something you would love to do but never had the chance…. yet!

Alternately perhaps the opposite is true and the summer has you staying as close to air conditioning as you can and waiting for the cool air of the Autumn to come and reignite your passions?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Summer

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