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Kink of the Week July 16-31: Legs

We have done a fair few other body parts; Hands, Feet and Backs to name just a few so now it is time to talk about legs.

Do have a kink for legs? The curve of a calf, the dip at the back of the knee, the soft skin on the inside of a thigh. Is there something about them that just does it for you? Do you find yourself wondering what they would feel like wrapped round you, or how they would feel under your hands? Or maybe you like more the muscular tones, the body hair?

And what of body hair when it comes to legs? Women shaving their hair is what society generally expects to be the case but clearly that is gender stereotyping.

Maybe you love the summer because everyone is wearing shorts and skirts and beautiful legs are everywhere or maybe your thing for legs is connected to your love of hosiery?

And about YOUR legs. Do you love them being touched? Maybe you have a thing for having your thighs beaten or the back of your legs? Maybe you like soft gentle caresses and kisses up and down? Is the thought of someone mouth on your thighs hot as hell?

Whatever your thoughts on this subject come and share them here

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Legs

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