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Female Domination

Woman standing on naked mans chest

Image courtesy of Modesty Ablaze

Kink of the Week November 1-16: Female Domination

By this I mean dominant females not females being dominated. Also often know as Femdom, it is a type of power exchange dynamic where the female is the dominant partner. It might take the form of a committed full time D/s relationship or it might be something that is only in the bedroom, or somewhere in between the two.

So is your kink female domination and if so are you the one being the D or the one being the s?

Do you love a dominant woman? What it is about that dynamic and personality that makes your blood pump? What is your gender in relation to this kink? Do you love the idea of a whip wielding leather clad mistress or maybe you like something ‘less in your face’. Like all things kink there is no right or wrong way when it comes to femdom only the way that works for the people involved so come and share with us how and what works for you

Alternatively are you the dominant woman? Tell us what it is about being the one in control that is your thing. What does your femdom look like? Not just as in what do you wear but how does it play out with your partner(s)

Or maybe dominant woman are not your thing when it comes to sex and kink. All view points on this topic are fine as long as you don’t yuck anyone elses yum.

And don’t forget you can always use this prompt to inspire a piece of fiction.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Female Domination

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