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Knife Play

selection of knives for knife play

Kink of the Week July 1-16: Knife Play

Time for another topic revisit. This was first done back in 2013 so definitely time for a redo I think.

Knife play is considered by many to be a form of edge play because of the obvious risks and also because for many the powerful associations with knives as a weapon. Knife play can take many forms from sensation play, using the blade in various ways across the skin to stimulate and possibly mark, for blood play, cutting the skin and/or fear play, using it within a scene as a weapon or at least making the other person believe that to be the case. In that regard it is also a mind fuck.

So tell me about you and knives. Love em, hate em, indifferent? What experience do you have with knife play? Is it something you have never done but always wanted to try? Maybe you have a fantasy that includes a knife, would you want to try it out for real or it something that you are happy just playing with in your mind? Are you the knife wielder, if so what about using a knife in a kink way works for you? Whatever your thoughts on this subject, we want to hear them?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Knife Play

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