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Reflection of woman running for post about exercise as a kink

Kink of the Week August 1-16: Exercise

The connection between exercise and libido/sex drive is fairly well documented. Aerobic workouts and strength training have both been shown to have a positive impact on sexual desire.

Is exercise a kink in and of itself? Well you tell me? Maybe for you it is? Maybe you get off on working out? Or maybe your thing is watching someone else working out? Is there something about it that just gets you going?

Or maybe working out is something that whilst doesn’t turn you on directly does lead to your feeling sexy? Do you get home from a run and find yourself wanting to wank or fuck? Maybe after a session of yoga you find your desire for an orgasm is aroused? Does getting out for a walk make the blood flow in more than just your fingers and toes?

Maybe working out helps you to feel better about your body and therefore more connected with it sexually?

To be clear exercise is whatever you deem it to be and works for you. That might be training for a marathon or armchair Pilates. What works for you and your body is exercise.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Exercise

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