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Self Voyeurism

picture of camera with molly topless in the camera screen for post about self voyeurism

Kink of the Week May 1 – 16: Self Voyeurism

Voyeurism: the act of getting off on watching others getting off. Self Voyeurism: the act of getting off on watching yourself get off! So do you like to watch yourself?

I suspect those of us who enjoy taking self portraits or having naked, sexy, pictures taken of us probably have some level of self voyeurism going on but do they actually turn you on and does watching yourself extend beyond that?

Have you ever watched yourself masturbating in a mirror or maybe made a video and watched it back? What about when having sex with a partner? Has a well placed mirror allowed you to indulge in your self voyeurism kink? Or maybe you made a video of yourself with a partner and watching it back turns you every time?

What is about watching yourself getting off that is such a turn on for you? Do you like to watch your face and eyes or do you like to watch a more intimate part of the action or maybe it is the whole picture that fires you up?

Have you ever been with a partner who had a self voyeurism kink? Where you happy to indulge it? Maybe you discovered your own love for watching yourself when someone you were with suggested doing it?

Or maybe the thought of it makes your cringe and you have absolutely no desire to watch yourself in the throws of passion? Would it be a hard limit for you if a partner asked you to do it with them? Why do you think that is?

If you have never done it but have a fantasy around it then share that with us or maybe you have only watched yourself when you are alone and never with a partner but again have fantasies about watching yourself

And finally maybe there is an aspect of D/s to it for you and being made to watch yourself is the thing that hit the spot for you.

Whatever your thoughts, experiences or stories around this subject come and share them here on Kink of the Week

Image by Molly’s Daily Kiss

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