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Kink of the Week August 16 – 31: Voyeurism

“Voyeurism is a beautiful and delightful thing. There is nothing more intimate than really looking at someone.”
~ Laurel Nakadate

Last year we revisited the subject of exhibitionism so now it is time to talk about the flip side of that which is voyeurism.

Are you a voyeur? Do you love to watch? Do you get off on watching others? What kind of things do you like to watch? Do you want to sneak a peek? Does the thought of doing it in secret somehow make it hot? How do you go about achieving that in a way that is consensual?

Is the reason you love going to sex clubs or kink events because you get to watch? What was the hottest thing you have ever had the pleasure of seeing? Maybe you have never been to a club but it is on your list of things you would to try. Just to watch….

Do you find the thought of watching your partner with another person a real turn on? Or maybe it is something you have even done? Was it has sexy as you thought it was going to be?

Is there something about catching a glimpse of something that you find exciting? Maybe seeing someone kissing or noticing someone has a hand up someone else’s skirt? Or as someone bends down getting a flash of thigh?

What about when it comes to masturbation? Do you love watching your partner pleasure themselves? Does it turn you on to watch them with sex toys or see them orgasming?

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