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Erotic Photography

Woman taking topless picture of herself in the mirror for post about erotic photography

Kink of the Week May 16 – 31: Erotic Photography

Can you believe we have never done erotic photography as a topic before? I have no idea how that happened but now is definitely the time to correct that fact.

What is erotic photography? Taking picture that have an erotic component to them but for this topic it is more about how you interact with the subject that is important.

For example… Are you the photographer? What it is about capturing an erotic image that you love? Do you plan them out or are they more of a spur of the moment thing? Do you share them pubilcally or is it just something private between you and your partner?

Alternatively maybe you are the one who likes to be the subject of those images? Do you love being the model for an erotic image? Are you comfortable having nudes taken or do you prefer something more subtle? How did you discover your love of being the model? Is there something being the subject that just turns you the fuck on?

Of course you might be both photographer and model if you are a self portrait artist in which case how does that work for you? Do you love being both things or is one aspect of it more thrilling than the other? How do you take your images? Do you share them?

Or maybe you are none of the above but your love of erotic images is from a consumers point of view. Do you have a favourite photographer you love? Or maybe you follow a lot of erotic photographers on social media? What is it about an erotic photo that makes it work for you.

Oh and what on earth is the difference between a pornographic image and an erotic photo? How is one art and the other is not?

There really is so many possible parts of this topic that you could tackle and so it is completely up to you what you want to write about or maybe you post will just be an erotic photo you have taken. It is totally up to you

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